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Here are a few ways in which AM Electrical & Alarm deliver environmentally sensitive products and services:           

  1. Eco Flood - We recommend this type of exterior and security lighting over conventional Halogen floods as they use nearly a twentieth of the electricity and last longer.

  2. LED lamps - Replace power hungry and wasteful 50 watt halogen down lights with energy efficient 4 watt LEDs. These also have a far superior life.

  3. Compact fluorescent lamps Old style general household bulbs should be replaced with CFLs using a 5th of the energy.

These green products have continuously improved in quality  and are very reliable, delivering the standard that customers demand.

All of these fittings will save significantly on bills and CO2 emissions.

Eight years ago we took the decision deliver our client base closer to where we live for several reasons:

  1. Reduce travel time

  2. Reduce fuel costs

  3. Reduce carbon foot print

  4. We stick to our local suppliers for these same reasons.

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